Welcome to the Transplant Cardiac category, where we explore the fascinating field of cardiac transplantation. This category is dedicated to shedding light on the intricacies of heart transplantation procedures, management of transplant recipients, and advancements in the field. Cardiac transplantation offers a lifeline to individuals with end-stage heart failure, and this category serves as a platform for researchers, clinicians, and experts to share their insights, innovations, and outcomes related to this life-saving procedure.

Within this category, we invite contributions that delve into various aspects of transplant cardiac care, including donor selection and evaluation, surgical techniques, immunosuppression regimens, post-transplant complications, and long-term outcomes. By fostering collaboration and knowledge exchange, we aim to enhance the understanding and improve the clinical outcomes of cardiac transplantation. Join us in this exciting endeavor as we explore the latest developments, share experiences, and work towards improving the quality of life for transplant recipients.

Together, we can advance the field of transplant cardiac care, contribute to the growing body of knowledge, and ultimately make a difference in the lives of individuals who have undergone cardiac transplantation.


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